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You Were Born To Be A Winner

intention to heal

Everything that exists in your world exists because of a thought or an idea you had at some point. Then, by focusing on this thought or idea you created an ‘intention’ towards making it happen. From your fitness to your finances, your lover to your lifestyle, it all came from how you intended your life to be.

Right now you are reading this post and if you wanted to have a drink of water you would need to initially have the idea that you need a drink, then make a decision that you want to have a glass of water (intention). Then any action you take would arise from this intention so that you can achieve the desired outcome – a drink of water.

How Does Intention Work?

It is the most powerful energy you have at your disposal to create your life in any way that you want it to be. No matter what sort of life you dream of having, the dream you had about your life up until this point has been the intention that has created your current circumstances.

If you want more, or bigger, or better in any way, then you will need to have a stronger intention towards your future goals. The rule of thumb is the stronger your intention and the more consistent action you takes towards it, the sooner you will make it happen.

Some people relate intention to karma. In other words they believe that the energy you put out to the world in thought or deed will come back to you magnified. So if you put out negative thoughts and aggressive or abusive actions, then you can expect to get smacked around in return by life.

Whereas, if you put out positive thoughts, and kind and compassionate actions, then you will attract more kindness and compassion into your life. Regardless of your opinion around this it can certainly be shown that if you give out negative energy, you are not going to be well received by people around you – that’s just common sense.

What’s not so commonly known though is that the power of intention goes way beyond what most of us will ever know as it has many layers to it. There’s those things you intend to be, do, or have from your conscious mind and then there’s those things you intend to be, do, or have that comes from your subconscious  mind.

And, there’s also a large group of people who believe that even your Soul has an impact on what happens in your life based upon the intention (karma) that it comes into this world with. I’m not going to debate spiritual beliefs here but nonetheless it demonstrates that the forces that shape our lives are many and varied.

How To Get What You Want Using The Power of Intention

It’s really quite simple. First you need to think about what you want. Then, write it down and put a date next when you want to achieve it by. Lastly, do one thing every day towards making it happen. In other words, make a decision, take massive action, and keep going until you get the result you were after.

The things to watch out for that can affect how long it takes to get what you want mostly involve letting yourself get distracted from what you originally intended by any and every obstacle that gets in your way.

Lets say you want to lose weight and your intention is to lose 10kg in ten weeks. Then, by week 3 your resolve is starting to weaken and you  find yourself not exercising as much and your diet is falling back into bad habits. Then you start beating yourself up emotionally for being a failure.

All that happened here is that your subconscious patterns of self sabotage have an intention of pulling you back to the place you are comfortable with, even if it’s not where your conscious mind would like you to be. You see, the internal beliefs that caused you to end up overweight are fighting to survive.

They don’t want you to change because it means you have to let them go and they won’t give up without a fight. This might sound like craziness but you deep down that this is exactly what your mind does. We are not just one person, we are many voices in our head that all try to assert themselves time and time again.

Really, there is only one voice that is our true voice but all the other thoughts that pop up that cause you to doubt yourself or weaken your resolves belong to everyone that ever told you you weren’t good enough and you are not okay on some level.

The key to overcoming the crowd in your head, and the intention that they have for you is to become stronger with your conscious resolves in life. In other words, you will need to discipline your mind so that there are no more excuses as to why you don’t get what you want.

It’s like learning to be an Olympic athlete that has a single-minded focus, and that is to win. Your focus has to become so laser sharp, driven and unwavering, that there’s no other possibility except to get what you want.

This may sound like hard work but it’s actually harder to stay stuck feeling like a failure and making excuses about why you don’t get what you want. It takes a lot of energy to feel miserable and be unhappy with yourself, whereas when you feel good about yourself you have all the energy in the world.

You Were Born to Win

Happiness is our natural state of being. It refreshes you, recharges you, and can be enjoyed in unlimited qualities because it’s inexhaustible.  You can have an intention to be happy as a way of life. Then all you need to do is focus on it and take action on having more of it every day.

That might look like doing work you love, being creative, spending quality time  with friends, family and loved ones, having fun, taking time-out each day just for you, and a never ending amount of things that matter to you.

If you find that you are not making time for happiness in your life then that tells you that you’re subconscious mind is intending for you to be miserable. This is great news, because as soon as you recognize this you can choose something different.

Don’t forget, you are never a victim of life. That is how losers think. The way to break free from that mentality is to simply know that you are and always will be 100% responsible for how your life looks and feels. The moment you step up and say to yourself, “If it is to be, it’s up to me”, then you become an instant winner.

To be the most powerful person you can be and turn any area of your life around almost instantly from turmoil to triumph all you need to do is let go of blame, excuses and denial. Just drop these three habits and watch as your life soars to new heights of happiness, health, love and productivity.

By accepting that you are responsible for your mental, emotional, physical and financial reality, you will rise above the average person who expects the world to change for them, and instead you become the change that needs to happen so your world becomes the way you want it to be.