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How To Take Charge Of Your Mind


This may sound a little strange, yet it’s worth considering the very real fact that thoughts are real forces. Just look around wherever you are now and notice what you see.

Everything from the clothes you are wearing, the chair you are seated upon, the building you are in and anything else that is ‘man-made’ began as an idea in someone’s head.

The 3 Ways Thoughts Shape Your Destiny.

There are 3 main ways that thoughts can become powerful.

1. What thoughts you choose to focus on.

By going over and over the same thoughts time and time again it gives rise to a variety of emotional and physical responses depending on whether the thoughts are positive or negative.

2. The words you choose to speak.

When you speak your thoughts they are released into the world and it is quite easy to see what their impact is you just have to notice how the people listening react to what you are saying.

3. The actions you choose to take, or not take.

This is the most powerful way to express your thoughts. Once you have taken action on your thoughts there is no going back. So, if thoughts are real forces, then doesn’t it make sense to be more mindful of the thoughts we choose to give power to?

Likewise, if you don’t take action on something that you ‘think’ is important to you, then this also shows that there are other thoughts that are influencing your choices apart from those that you know. These are usually sub-conscious thoughts that have their roots in keeping you small, instead of helping you to blossom in life.

How To Take Charge of Your Destiny Now!

Just take a moment to look at what you have created in your life right now and ask yourself is your life the way you want it to be? If the answer is no, then here’s your chance to change it right now.  It starts with being more aware of what thoughts you empower and what thoughts you dismiss.

I call this taking charge of your mind. This is where true success is born.  Until you take charge of your thoughts, they control you. And lets face it, how many of us really like to be controlled – I know I don’t.

I’d like to give you a technique that I discovered many years ago that will help you to understand how to ‘choose’ the thoughts you prefer and let the rest go.

Let’s take the example of ‘worrying’ about things.  A friend of mine used to always worry about being a ‘good’ parent. Her biggest fear was that her child would grow up with low self-esteem and have a miserable life.

I simply asked her if she believed that she had high self-esteem, to which she replied, ‘of course I do’.  ‘Then your child will have it too because you cannot give something you do not possess, wouldn’t you agree?’ I replied.

This technique is quite simple… the key to success is ACTION!

If you can do something about what it is that worries you then do it.  If there is nothing you can do, then let it go, and get on with your life.  Don’t waste a precious moment carrying around excess baggage in your mind that holds you back from your greatness.

Instead of focusing on what might happen in a negative or fearful way, which are just your negative thoughts, do something now to create what you want to happen. Then, keep taking action until you get the result your looking for.

By the way, planning for the future is a great action that can give you a clearly defined path to keep you on track. Make as many plans as you can for your health, wealth, relationships, and how you want them to be and then don’t forget to follow through on a daily basis. Consistency of action is what will teach your mind who’s in control.

Make a list of all the things you are worried about in your life. Then, put a tick next to those that you CAN do something about right now.  Then write an action plan for each of those things.

Next, take a look at each item you’ve written down that’s still left on the list.  One by one look at them and as you read each one, close your eyes and see or imagine the words dissolving – just like they were fading out.  All that’s left is a blank space. Now put a line through it and tell your mind, ‘I choose to let this go’.

This may sound overly simple, but remember you are dealing with your mind and at the end of the day your brain is just a computer that can be programmed any way you like. Let’s face it, it’s already been programmed, so it’s really just a matter of programming it to be your friend and ally for life.