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Self-Mastery or Self-Misery?

By October 14, 2020 Personal Development
self-mastery or self-misery

With so much going on in the world right now it’s understandable how some people would not be feeling so great.

However, at any moment we have a choice whether to wallow in our self-misery, or rise-up and step into our self-mastery.

Mastery is usually defined as being highly skilled or proficient in one or more areas of life.

To me, self-mastery takes this to the next level. It is to become the master in ALL areas of your life and understand that you are your own guru.

In essence, it means taking full responsibility for your own life and no longer making excuses for why things happen or don’t happen.

In a sense, self-mastery is the foundation for spiritual mastery as it involves discipline and practice combined with the willingness to let go of how things need to unfold.

If we want to improve say our health then to have self-mastery in that area we need to study what health is and then apply it to ourselves until we master it.

If we want to improve our finances then we need to study money and apply what we learn about it until we master it.

This goes for every area of our life. We can practice and become the master of anything we focus on but to do it in all areas of our long process which requires a high level of self-discipline and dedication.

The other way, which requires just as much discipline and dedication are to become the master you already are by connecting to your inner self that is beyond the ego.

It is said that when you remember who and what you are at the deepest level then you have become the master and now self-mastery is not needed at all.

Until then, if you notice any areas of your life are not where you want them to be then go all-in on them. Sometimes, by focusing on the area that is being neglected the most it will naturally lift up the others as you master it.

We are the masters of our destiny in every moment through the thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds we give power to. When we fully realize this – then we truly do become limitless!