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How To Live With More Authenticity?

By October 4, 2020 Life
how to live with more authenticity

how to live with more authenticity SQUAREIf it feels right for you then it is right and that is the path to follow… no if’s, but’s, should’s or maybe’s about it. In this world, it takes courage to step outside the herd mentality and dare to be different.

But guess what, we are all unique in our own way and until we embrace our uniqueness fully then we’ll never really know what else might have been possible.

The first step is to be aware when you have a choice to either lean into your truth or put on the same old mask and keep hiding. It is only our fears that keep the masks in place.

There will always be that voice inside you that says things like, “big boys don’t cry”, and “good girls don’t behave that way” and thousands of other conditioned beliefs yet they belong to the past.

The moment we choose to honor what is true for us without the need to justify it or compromise ourselves in any way, then we are sending a powerful message to life that we are perfect as we are.

Then, everything we think, say, and do is in alignment with who we are instead of who we think we should be.

There is a catch though, we need to stop worrying about what others may think of us. If we don’t then a part of us will always hold back which becomes self-defeating.

To practice, this starts with saying yes when you mean it and no when you mean it and don’t justify yourself in any way.

It has to be enough that you have said yes or no. It’s no-one else’s business why unless you want it to be.

Justifying ourselves to others is a socially conditioned mind-game that is designed to give our power away to others to appease them.

When we stop playing the game then we take our power back and those that are meant to be in our lives will stay and those that aren’t won’t.

This is what it means to be authentic – that you are enough as you are. Nothing else is needed.

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