Learn To Unwind Your Mind In Just 5 Minutes

Access my FREE 5-Minute Mindfulness Method
for a Happier, Healthier & More Peaceful Life.


Learn To Unwind Your Mind In Just 5 Minutes

Access my FREE 5-Minute Mindfulness Method for a Happier, Healthier & More Peaceful Life.

A Little About Me (Michael Atma)

Thanks for stopping by. Hi, I’m Michael Atma and I’m a life enthuisiast.

I’m on a mission to share the most powerful personal development tools and ideas that can open the minds and hearts of anyone that uses or experiences them to deeper love and wisdom.

I do this through writing, speaking and facilitating workshops around the globe, while sharing insights from my personal quest for living greatness in every area of my life.

I am the Author of Master Your Mindspace, which came about as a result of having the courage to dare to be different and live a non-traditonal life.This book is helping people of all ages and from all walks of life to not only live their greatness but to also achieve massive results in their life.

The work I share comes from over 17 years of inner and outer exploration of diving deeper into what helps us to open to our unique gifts, talents and abilities. Along the way I figured out what it takes to turn my mess into my message and show up each day in my life living fully, freely and joyfully.

I’m deeply committed to empowering ONE MILLION people to living their greatness and creating a ripple effect that uplifts our world for generations to come. I walk my talk and live by example so that my message that you are enough will resonate deeply within your heart and Soul.


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Meditation Dojo

Meditation and Mindfulness Made Simple

Why do some people meditate with ease, while others struggle? It comes down to the type of meditation
they are taught and what their expectations are from it. Think about it. If you can’t get past the
chattering mind and the body being restless, then you may miss all the benefits that meditation
has to offer. But if you can, then your life changes forever in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.


The Awakening Event

Live The Life You Deserve To Live

There are no limits to the amount of happiness, health, prosperity, and love that you can
enjoy in your life. Except for the self-imposed ones. The Awakening Event is a live 2-day
experiential workshop designed to make rapid shifts in your quality of life. The power of this
event  comes from creating the space for heart and Soul openings to occur in which you walk
away having transformed your life from the inside-out while having fun. You’ll also learn simple
tools that you can take away with you to continue expanding your awakening experience.


Rapid Empowerment Academy

Live Your Life To The Fullest

Imagine having the real-life TOOLS and INSPIRATION to break free from any limiting beliefs
or habits that are holding you back from living and enjoying the best version of your life possible.
Rapid Empowerment Academy is designed to help you to quickly get results showing up in your life
that brings you closer to where you truly want and deserve to be.



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Master Your Mindspace

Take control of your happiness, health and success by mastering your mind

Master Your Mindspace reveals how you can have more calm, clarity and focus in a chaotic
world by using simple mindful practices that take only 5 minutes a day to master. It also
contains inspirational stories on how others made simple changes in their lives to have
more happiness, health, wealth and personal power.


Less Stress More Life

101 Strategies for a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable life.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up each day knowing that you were in control of your life.
That everything that used to stress you out, cause you to panic, feel frustrated or make your blood
boil over no longer had any power over you. What difference would this make to your quality of life?
While it’s true that constant distractions and disruptions are part of our everyday lives now,
it doesn’t mean that we can’t find a way to reduce the impact of stress on the mind and body
and find a way to live with more happiness, peace and harmony.

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Sometimes in order to get unstuck from what’s holding you back from experiencing the best version of  yourself it requires seeing things in a new light. My program is about awakening your mind, body and spirit to higher levels of conscious living. I help you to navigate through any limiting beliefs and patterns with ease so that you can elevate your personal and professional life to where you want them to be.

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